Team V.I.P.

Micaela Bensko


From 2007-2018, Bensko served as Vice President of Rebuilding America's Warriors, a nonprofit offering free reconstructive surgery to troops returning from war, facilitating over a thousand procedures through a roster of over 450 physicians across all 50 states. 

It was during these years in which Bensko became profoundly aware of the ongoing issues faced by our Veterans although mechanically repaired, still suffering from chronic pain.  

On October 28, 2011, Bensko experienced her own health challenge. An accident in her driveway resulted in a wheelchair, over 20 spine surgeries/procedures, six years in bed 80-90 percent, and an exhaustive search for answers.

A donation by a family friend, funded Bensko’s last ditch resort, a *Stem Cell transplant. Its life-altering results were the catalyst for establishing, Veterans In Pain, INC., the concept of helping Veterans connect with civilian Regenerative resources, was born.

Bensko is a member of ISSCR, the International Society for Stem Cell Research, an independent, nonprofit organization established to promote excellence in stem cell science and applications to human health. Micaela’s journey which inspired Veterans In Pain

“An adipose-derived Stem Cell protocol, persisting of intravenous transfer,  is outside of FDA compliance unless conducted within the secure parameters of an IRB Certified/controlled study or trial. 

Dr, Joshua Prager


Dr. Joshua P. Prager is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist through The American Board of Anesthesiology, Board Certified in Internal Medicine as well Board Certified in Pain Medicine through The American Board of Pain Management. pain physicians hool of Medicine at UCLA and the Department of Internal Medicine and Anesthesiology at UCLA. 

Dr. Prager has previously served as a Faculty member at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital.  Dr. Prager completed his extensive studies for Anesthesiology at Stanford Medical Center as well as Harvard Medical School, and his Internal Medicine training was performed at UCLA.  Dr. Prager simultaneously attended Stanford University School of Medicine with a concentration in Health Services Research while earning his Master’s Degree in Management from Stanford Graduate School of Business. 

Dr. Gary Brazina


Dr. Gary Brazina’s expertise in utilizing Stem Cells and platelet rich plasma (PRP) stem cells for transplants is invaluable to our Veterans and our team. Dr. Brazina is a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon with over twenty years of surgical experience in both Arthroscopic surgery and Sports Medicine. His dedication and commitment in his life’s work is attributed to his professionalism, performance and reputation. Most of all, it is his  enduring dedication in the support of our country’s Veterans which compelled him to join Veterans In Pain to help ensure every candidate is cared for with the reverence they deserve. 

Sergeant Major Kevin Colwell


Colwell honorably served as the head of Army Special Forces Operational Detachment Bravo – 9220 and Special Operations Task Force - 31 Firebase in Mogensen, Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom XIII.  Post service, Colwell continues to serve his fellow service members in the facilitation of communications between V.I.P. and military agencies.  His focus  to the population of our nation’s wounded warriors suffering from chronic pain is awareness. He promotes V.I.P. services available to them and acknowledges the debilitating and under diagnosed secondary autoimmune pain diseases. Unfortunately, Colwell has endured the suffering of chronic pain from his injuries sustained in service for many years. It was during an enemy ambush that Colwell was able to lead his team from a kill zone to safety, but not without a rocket propelled grenade sent to explode his vehicle.  His quest for a better quality of life and search for hope brought him to V.I.P.

Bobby Ehrig


Ehrig is a decorated Army combat Veteran with 17 years of active service and 12 years of successful executive leadership. His expertise with over 27 years has been in developing strong programs and systems through collaborative relationships and pioneering approaches to solving complex problems. Ehrig is dedicated in utilizing his networks to navigate and connect all Veterans suffering from chronic pain to the channels necessary for support and guidance. Ehrig is personally aware of the struggles returning Veterans face. He was injured in an explosion while serving in Iraq.  Post-service Ehrig has become Director of the largest homeless program for Veterans in Texas. His mission is to bring services and support to the entire homeless Veteran population nationwide. A new facility is currently under operation in New Mexico.

Dr. Roy “Buzz” Korth


Dr. Roy “Buzz” Korth, DC, has dedicated his life to empowering people to live healthier lives. He has been practicing since 1998 after graduating with honors from The University of Florida and then Life University.

He is the founder of Buckeye Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and is also the founder of Med Fusion, a healthcare consulting company that focuses on bringing the latest technologies to health care provider.  By training other  medical doctors around the country in the newest healing methods these providers can offer their patients the highest level of care.

In his pursuit to educate the public, Dr. Korth is one of the founding physicians of Volunteer Doctors of America. Volunteer Doctors of America is a non-profit organization that has educated thousands of people on health and wellness and has provided free health screenings for those in need. 

He lives in Ohio with his wife, Lara, and his two sons, Blake and Brock. He enjoys volunteering his time, living a healthy life style, and most of all spending time with his family.

Dr. Sophia Beynen


After 15 years as a primary care physician. Dr. Sophia Beynen wanted to do more to help others which led her to pursue a fellowship in Stem Cell Therapy in 2017 with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.  She knows that while her two brothers, who were Marines, were fortunate to make it home without physical injuries, many Veterans are not as lucky.   She is now one of the VIP providers who does injections with Allograft tissue containing Mesenchymal stem cells for the treatment of joint pain/degeneration. She is grateful her career led her to offering cutting edge treatments to Veterans who were injured in active duty.