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Veterans In Pain, Inc. (V.I.P.) is an IRS Certified 501c3 nonprofit facilitating alternative & Biologic medical solutions for Veterans suffering from chronic pain, by connecting civilian physicians with our country’s Heroes.  

V.I.P. is the first national organization of its kind to tackle the increase in Veteran suicide rates from the perspective of providing proven regenerative therapies to Veterans in need. Once accepted, each V.I.P. Veteran is no longer a number, but a member of a like-minded group of individuals who have lived similar lives, and understand the issues facing Veterans today on the journey for medical diagnoses and solutions.

As an interest Veteran, the Veteran Application is the most important part of this process. The more detail included regarding the conditions surrounding your inciting injury(s), as well as the enduring effects this has had on your life, and the lives of your loves ones, the greater the understanding we will be allowed of you as an individual, with a life in need of restoration. 

As a V.I.P. Physician, you are part of an extended network of respected medical practitioners revisiting the humanity within the science of pain management.   Please note our Physician Application  

“It is rare you have the opportunity to give back in a tangible way to an individual who fought for our country and is now paying the price. These guys are my heroes.“ 

Dr. Gary Brazina - Orthopedic Surgeon, Los Angeles 

At V.I.P., we believe the science of Pain Management solutions is an art, requiring a multi-disciplinary approach. Each Veteran’s application is assessed based on the Veteran's unique history and condition. Our national physician base is comprised of Regenerative Practitioners practicing protocols within FDA regulatory compliance. Additional specialties we offer, necessary for a responsible interdisciplinary approach, include specialists in PTS, Biofeedback, Physical Therapy, medically therapeutic Cannabis, Doctors of Osteopathy, and surgical solutions, just to name a few. 

We make every effort to connect each Veteran with a V.I.P. physician in their surrounding area. If one cannot be located, V.I.P. covers the cost of transportation and accommodations for the Veteran and a companion. V.I.P’s mission also includes awareness campaigns and a speakers bureau. Our V.I.P. Veterans visit schools, organizations and corporations sharing their story of incident,  recovery, and the reframing of tragedy.  

Our website and Apply link are HIPPA Certified and all medical records and correspondence are maintained solely between the Veteran and their matched physician.

It is our mission to not only open the door to greater pain relief opportunities for our country's heroes, but to also offer broader diagnostic possibilities for our Veterans. One of the greatest challenges faced by our Veterans is finding answers to their suffering. All too many are left without pain diagnoses, with physicians only allowed to prescribe in treatment,  leaving hundreds of thousands grasping for answers on their own. It is our hope, with your donations and support, that our Veterans may one day be blessed with the quality of life they so richly deserve.  

Micaela Bensko


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There is no greater act of gratitude than the gift of health. 

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